Synthesizing a filter response often involves tuning as the primary method to obtain good results. In the response view open up the tuning environment by tapping “Analyze” and again on “Tune”. The title will change to reflect the currently selected coupling to be tuned. If the coupling is symmetrical tuning will be applied to both couplings. To select another coupling tap the top-left button and choose a coupling to be tuned.

Tuning is performed by sliding the middle knob of the tuning slider. The current and nominal value is indicated to the right along with the minimum and maximum value available in the bottom. The minimum and maximum is dynamically adjusted to allow the same user interface to be used for both fine and rough tuning. When releasing the slider it will jump back to the center and update the nominal, minimum and maximum values. Couplings Designer has actually been engineered to allow the user to perform all tasks using only one hand which makes the experience a lot more intuitive. However it is often necessary to adjust the slider to a minimum or maximum a couple of times until the desired value is found. To exit the tuning environment tap “Done” or any tab in the tab bar.

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