Monte Carlo Analysis

Monte Carlo analysis

Use the built-in Monte Carlo analysis tool to check for tolerance and tuning sensitivity. The analysis is made up of a space, or samples, of the coupling matrix that has been adjust by a random amount. The offset applied to each sample has a uniform distribution with an amplitude set by the tolerance option in the the “Settings” view. All samples are drawn on top of each other and one can therefore get a feel of the sensitivity and worst case involved. To minimize the dependence on tolerance issues the designer might have to reconsider the choise of topology.

In the “Matrix” view a red dot indicates couplings to be included in the analysis. It should be mentioned however that symmetrical couplings will not be treated as symmetric in the analysis since that is not realistic, manufacturing errors are usually independent of each other. There could be manufacturing tolerance errors that applies equally to multiple couplings but Couplings Designer does not support problems of that complexity. A Monte Carlo analysis is initiated in the “Response” view by tapping “Analyze” and again on “Monte Carlo”. The analysis is fast and will quickly create a plot showing all samples. Setting up and running a Monte Carlo analysis usually takes less than a minute.

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