Creating and managing designs

New design

The first time you’ll open up Couplings Designer you’ll see an empty list of designs stored on your device. To create a new design, simply tap the “+” button in the top-right corner of that view.

A dialog will ask you to name your new design. Give it a name that describes you design. The name can at any time be changed in the settings view of your design by tapping the settings tab on the tab bar. Tap “Done” to complete this step.

When returning to the list of designs your newly created design will show up and will be selected as the current design automatically with a checkmark next to it. Except from the name, every design in the list is easily distinguishable from the extra information shown, filter order, bandwidth and center frequency.

Reorder and delete designs

Managing designs

Reordering and deleting designs is just as easy as creating one. To open up the manager, tap “Edit” in the top-left corner of this view. A red icon is shown on the left side next to your designs. To delete a design, tap the red icon and again on the “Delete” button. Please remember that this operation is undoable. To reorder designs in the list, tap and drag them using the stripes that are now visible on the right side of each design as depicted in the screenshot.

Exporting designs

The designs manager also gives you the opurtunity to export the selected design to a computer for further processing by tapping “Export design…”. An e-mail with details of your design is automatically created for you ready to be sent to one or more recepients. Matrix data in CSV format and a touchstone file, S2P, covering the current frequency range used in the response view is attached.

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