Articles and books on filter design

Recommended reading on filter design and in-depth coupling matrix synthesis techniques. Books are available from B&N and Amazonas.

  • Microwave Filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design and Applications
  • Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications
  • HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

Articles (general coupling matrix techniques):

Articles (non-resonating nodes, NRNs):

  • New Building Blocks for Modular Design of Elliptic and Self-Equalized Filters, MTT-IEEE 2004
  • Direct synthesis of prototype filters with non-resonating nodes, Macchiarella/Amari 2004

Articles (wideband, multi-band):

  • Theory of Coupled Resonator Microwave Bandpass Filters of Arbitrary Bandwidth, MTT-IEEE 2010

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