Couplings Designer Update 1.4

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Releasing Couplings Designer 1.4 for iPhone and iPad!

Get it at the App Store, new users may also want to try Couplings Designer Lite for free.


Features and bug fixes in this version:

  • optimized for iOS7
  • adds an option for specifying band edge frequencies when synthesizing a general filter response
  • now correctly translates between resonator frequencies and self-couplings
  • fixes a bug that caused a crash when synthesizing a new design
  • fixes a bug that caused a crash when exporting a design

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2 Responses to Couplings Designer Update 1.4

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Goran. I have couplings designer. I like the app very much but am very disappointed as I am not able to use it. I have version 1.4 which crashes every time I start up. By crashing what I mean is the app starts to open up and then the display closes back to the desktop. If I double tap the home button the app is still there so it is only the display part of the app that is not working. This exact same behavior is also true when I try to use it on my 3rd gen iPad.

    I had hoped by now you would have posted a fix for this problem. I was using the app on my iPad to design d complex filter for work when this issue cropped up. It’s a great app so I was surprised and disappointed that performing just an iOS update caused it to stop working.

    Do you have any plans to fix it? I think the fix is actually very easy to implement. I have another app ( i48 an hp48 emulator) which had the exact same problem the author has fixed.

    Would appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks!


    • Hi Paul,
      Will get back to you shortly..but in the meanwhile try reinstalling the app (delete it, including its data when asked and install again from the AppStore), the crash has to do with how iOS stores data..if you have really important design work you wish to keep then you’ll need to wait until I resolve the bug. If you email me I can give you more directions, I might need crash logs from you

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