iOS 7.1 related bug discovered!

As some of you have generously pointed out there is a bug in Couplings Designer 1.3 that was introduced with the iOS 7.1 release a couple of weeks ago. The bug introduces a crash whenever one is performing any of the following actions:

– Crashes when synthesizing a new design. A temporary solution is to return back to the newly created design which will now work normally since this bug only appears for newly created designs.

– Crash on design export (via email). Also seems to corrupt the selected design’s data, use this feature with caution.

Please comment below if you are experiencing issues with the app! I will update the software as soon as possible to support iOS 7 better, it will most likely be an iOS 7-only release since Apple has introduced a lot of changes to the SDK since the release of iOS 5 in 2011. The plan is to have these bugs resolved in 1-2 weeks time.

Thank you for your understanding and support, I am sorry for the inconvenience!

Edit (April 10): update 1.4 has been submitted to Apple for approval, which usually takes a week until it ends up in the AppStore. In addition to the bug fixes there are a couple of new features added and a fresh new interface.

Edit: Couplings Designer 1.4 now available on the AppStore.

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  1. Kevin Anderson says:

    Hi Goran,
    Some more points that you might want to look into. When I was looking at some designs and had not done “synthesise”, ie I could still play around with the initial design, once I loaded up another program or pressed the home button – then decided to load up the program again, it crashes on start up.
    Another issue with the export function is that IF email is not enabled the program crashes too.

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