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A demonstration of advanced filter synthesis concepts that can be applied to your future designs to meet the demand for stringent requirements. Couplings Designer makes it easy.

  • Transmission zeros – the importance of transmission zeros and how they can be engineered to create advanced filter responses for increased rejection and/or group delay equalisation.
  • Non-resonating Nodes, NRNs – the relatively new building block, a non-resonating node or NRN, can be used to create new advanced filter topologies.
  • Predistortion – the benefits of predistortion when size and cost requirements are stringent.
  • Resonator Q distribution – the importance of distributing the resonator Qs correctly when reducing the size of a filter implementation.
  • Topologies – the concerns involved in choosing an appropriate topology, especially the sensitivity issues inherited in certain topologies.
  • Optimization – the power of combining two synthesis methods, exact approximation with prescribed zeros and optimization, to synthesize a coupling matrix according to a specification.

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