Couplings Designer Update 1.3

Releasing Couplings Designer 1.3 for iPhone and iPad!

Get it at the App Store, new users may also want to try Couplings Designer Lite for free.


Features and bug fixes in this version:

  • support for non-resonating nodes, NRNs*
  • easily toggle a node to behave as a resonating or non-resonating node
  • cascade designs with NRNs or resonating nodes for a modular design
  • new general synthesis seeding interface with easier access to user defined zeros and response/matrix preview
  • topology transformer now performs automatic retrial if it fails, dramatically increasing the success rate for a transformation to converge
  • added next/previous buttons to easily switch between goals, zeros and cascaded designs
  • added fine/normal/coarse tuning sensitivity option
  • better convergence during optimization
  • fixes a bug that made symmetrical couplings non-symmetrical and treated diagonal pairs as individual couplings during optimization, the optimizer is now about 2X faster
  • fixes a bug that changed the sign of couplings when cancel was chosen in the matrix user interface
  • fixes bugs related to scaling response plot axes

* Non-resonating nodes, NRNs, are used to create new advanced topologies that are modular, individual zeros are easily tuned, less sensitive or more compact than all-resonator designs. In addtion, it is possible to implement N zeros without direct source-load coupling which allows reduced filter orders for lower loss, size, complexity and sensitivity.

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  1. Kevin Anderson says:

    Hi Goran,
    Thanks for the update, version 1.4 is great and thank you for your efforts – great app

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