Update 1.1 seed-bug workaround

Couplings Designer 1.1 was released yesterday along with new features like prescribed zeros, predistortion, bandstop support, iPad support etc. However, we didn’t anticipate a bug that was introduced when updating from 1.0 which makes seeding new coupling matrices impossible. The problem is due to a compile-time error (un-initialized variable) which was only observed in the binary uploaded to the App Store and was therefore not tested. This bug has been resolved and is due for approval by Apple’s App Store review team. You may expect an update in a week’s time from today. Hold on tight couplings-crew! 😉

A quick solution is to use a finite quality factor (and a finite effective quality factor). A “lossless” matrix can be seeded by maxing both quality factors, for instance a quality of 100000…

Update 1.2 is expected to arrive around 18th of june!

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